What is Pinterest Good for Anyway?

Some folks are crazy pinners. Living a life through Pinterest! I think Pinterest is perfectly good for what it is sold as. There is no snake oil here. It is good for organizing. It is good for people like me who can cover three desks given the opportunity. I can organize my interests. I can clean up some clutter literally and figuratively.

I have created a board as a resource for managing ideas for educational technology. It has ideas for educators from kindergarten to advanced high school placement. It has some Teacher Time Savers. The cover page of the board opens this post. It is from edutopia.org

The board is Technology in the Classroom and I have structured the board to so it is easy to use. Might I go as far as organized. There are four categories: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12 and TTS~ Teacher Time Savers. I have recruited some fellow pinners to help me with the board. My goal is to provide a variety of resources from mp3 songs, power points, white board activities while highlighting the purposeful and authentic integration of technology in the classroom. Visit the board and see if there are any resources you can use. Let me know what you found that is helpful or some content ideas you would like to share.

We need to form a relationship with technology that makes it ordinary but the learning and thinking is extraordinary. In my classroom I truly want the children to view technology as a facilitator something that helps them along the way but they are the thinker,the learner and the doer!

Do you have any technology tools that have worked great? What do you think about the integration of technology in the classroom? How are the best ways to use technology in the classroom?

Sarah Tharpe Winchell

2 thoughts on “What is Pinterest Good for Anyway?

  1. I love Pinterest and jumped over to your tech board. I am just getting a smart board and a set of 4 ipods. Your pins will be some of the first apps I try. Thanks for sharing.

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