Teachers Treating Teachers and Data Collection Math Freebie

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from Bex at The Reading and Writing Redhead & from Sarah at Teaching Resources for the Classroom.

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Your freebie this week is a selection of my Spin, Tally and Graph Amazing Math Centers. These are differentiated for learners from Kindergarten to Second Grade.   There are three graphs in this package.  You receive six with the differentiation.

Spin, Graph and Tally Data Collection Math Center

Spin, Graph and Tally Data Collection Math Center

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Spin, Graph, and Tally

We have had a week of assessing in my class this week. I don’t think we would have made it without some Brain Breaks from The Learning Station! The children love this one. Stomp and Clap by The Learning Station.

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Place Value Freebie Detecting Numbers


Enjoy this Place Value Freebie. You can click the link to download. This is a quick way to assess the children’s knowledge of the place value of a specific number. You could also use it as write on wipe off activity in a page protector or if you laminated it after printing!

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Place Value Freebie


Chrysanthemum, Math Manipulatives and Target Gift Card

It has been a very busy week in my Kindergarten/First Grade Classroom.  We have been in school for 9 days! The class is learning routines and getting settled in. Of course we are still working on names.  We had two major focuses for the week.  We used the book Chrysanthemum to learn about the importance of names and how words can hurt someone’s feelings. We also used a lot of math manipulatives this week. I love manipulatives and the kids use them everyday in one way or another.

Chrysanthemum and Math Manipulatives

This week we counted a lot. The kindergarteners and first graders both worked on making sets of ten with manipulatives. This is a great multi-level activity and can easily be differentiated.  The first graders talked about tens and ones and the kindergartener worked on one-to-one correspondence when counting.  Some of the kindergarteners got into the tens and ones counting also. I worked with students in small groups that needed more direct instruction and practice.  The first graders also started a self-made book with representations of teen numbers. The children enjoy making these math books and we will keep them for their Math Resources File.


I am totally psyched about the newsprint writing pads I got for my classroom before school started. We used them for the first time this week and I am looking forward to using them for Working on Words in our Daily Five Time and other things related to literacy. The children used Mr. Sketch Markers to write with. They are a long time favorite of mine. We use them on our Morning Message. The children use labels for “Boo Boo Tape” if they want to make a correction.

Letter writingI have done a lot of activities with the kindergarteners and first graders working together. The first graders are providing great leadership and the kindergarteners enjoy having a special friend to work with.  We are working on completing a mystery picture together in math. This picture will take us about two weeks. We spend about 10 minutes of our math time working on it. It meets a lot of common core standards.

Mystery picture

I created a Sunflower Photo Frame for pictures. It is easy to make and the photos look great! Here’s the Freebie for you. The post is at The Organized Classroom Blog you can read it by clicking here.


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Just You And Me, Old Friend Teaching Compassion

This touches my heart. We should all be this compassionate to each other. This is a great video to show children to begin a discussion about compassion and caring.  Some questions to ask are:

Why is the dog in the plastic container?

Why would the dog stay in the container?

How would being together help the man and his dog?

How can you care for older companions?