Music for Commom Core Math Equal Means the Same

Common Core 1st Grade Math With Miss Jenny & Friends

Common Core 1st Grade Math With Miss Jenny & Friends

This is a fantastic album of songs from Miss Jenny and Friends focused on the Math Common Core Standards for First Grade.  The entire album is 9.99 but you can purchase individual songs for .99 from the itunes store.  I love using music in my classroom. I truly believe it help us to learn and it brings smiles to everyone’s faces!

Some of the titles are:

Count to 120, Switcheroo (Communitative Property) Using 10s, Adding Three numbers, Equal Means the Same As and A Fraction is A Whole

You can listen to a couple of the songs here.


I am an affiliate for Apple. If you choose to purchase this album the cost is the same. I will get a small percentage.  Thanks for supporting my blog.


2 Great Free Apps for Teaching Reading

I hope you will enjoy learning about these apps and using them in your classroom! I love, love Endless Reader by Orginator. This app is free but you can purchase more word packs if you want to extend it. I purchased the Reader Pack 1 because I wanted more words. There are six words in the free version but this app explores each word through spelling, word meaning and sentences. The words are animated after the letters are dragged into place. The app also reads the sentences. Words can be dragged into the sentences. The little characters are irresistible.

These are screen shots I took using my iphone. The app works on iphones and ipads.

You can get Endless Reader here.

Another app I really like is Little Speller by Grasshopper Apps. This app is very versatile and allows you a lot of control of the words that the children can work with. This app is also available for the iphone and ipad.

As you can see from the screen shots I’m sharing with you there are a lot of variations to choose from. You can really concentrate on the sounds you think the children need.

This app features great images for words. The letters are out of order but the correct spelling is under the images so even your most hesitant spellers and readers can feel confident with this app. The app says the letters and then reads the word after the letters are in place.
You can get Little Speller here.I hope you can use one of these apps or both in your classroom. I always teach the apps before letting the kids do them without supervision. Sometimes I teach them as part of my guided reading lesson and other times I work with a group during a Daily Five Rotation. I am teaching both Kinders and First Graders this year and my smart Firsties are great teachers so they often get the first lesson on a new app!
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Grab this winter freebie this if you like! Penguin Fun Dice Roll and Cover Game.

I Can Statements in the Classroom

Let me start out by saying I use I can statements in my classroom but I’m not totally convinced of their value in the classroom.  Initially I loved the idea behind I can statements.  Several years ago some colleagues and I were trained on using Formative Assessment in the Classroom.  The presenter talked about using I can statements as motivators and affirmations for individual learners.  We were told that each student could have several personal I can statements.

I thought this was truly great because because it seems that over the past few years some educational settings have spent more time focusing on what students can’t do rather than what they can do!  I thought how cool…Each of my darlings can have a little notebook and they can record their successes and then set learning goals for the themselves.  It seemed doable.  It seemed like an idea that was on the right track.  Affirming student success and effort while encouraging goal setting.  Well most of us know how this story ends.

School districts across the country took the idea and homogenized the I can statement.  Districts grappling with the Common Core made it worse. They created lists of I can statements.  You can find products with I can statements written in beautiful fonts with all the colors and themes your can desire. There are lists for every grade level and every subject.  This is so far from the original idea that I loved so much.  I have yet to buy any products and I’m not knocking anyone who does.  Most districts require them now. You can find a ton of variations on Pinterest.  It shows you the great extent that teachers will go to to meet district requirements.  I think also shows you how teachers just want to teach students in a meaningful way.  We will put the I can statements up but we know that there is a lot more to learning than placing the statements on the wall.


Example of the many I can statement products available to teachers. I’m sure these are great products and are meant to help teachers.

For now my I can statements are written in dry erase maker on the board.  I try to personalize them for our class and where we are in a unit of study.  We have been told we must have them up in the classroom.  It doesn’t really matter if they add value to the instruction they just need to be on display.  I do use them with my students.  I try to turn them into manifestations of success.  “Yes you can!” I say.  I said that anyway before I can statements became fashionable in educational circles.

I know many of you believe in the power of the I can statement. I would love from all of you about I can statements.  Are they adding educational value in your classroom?  Are you posting them because you must?  Have you learned to love the I can statements you have to work with?  Please comment. I look forward to the discussion.

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Penguin Fun Dice Roll Freebie

I have created a fun freebie for your classroom.  My kids at school love to play dice roll games during math centers. There are two variations of this game one for my kinders and one for my first graders.  My kinders still need repetition for counting and they are continuing to learn what number means.  The first graders need to to learn how to add three addends and how to add numbers up to 20 so these games work perfectly in my classroom.  Best of all they can be played independently! Penguin Friends can be played throughout December or January.  I hope you enjoy this freebie!




You can download it here Roll and Cover Penguin Friends

I hope you enjoy this freebie. Please visit My Teachers Pay Teachers Store for a Free unit that goes with The Mitten!  I would love for you to check out my post at The Organized Classroom Blog by Charity Preston.  I guest blog there once a month.  This post is about easy to make gifts that are sure to be a big hit.  Homemade Holiday Stress Relief

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Directed Drawings of the Mayflower and a New Book

We had a great time today drawing the Mayflower. We drew the Mayflower together as a directed activity. We also labelled parts of the ship since we are talking about non-fiction text features. Here are some drawings from the kinders and the first graders.





I have found a new book that I absolutely love. It is a sweet story about the first Thanksgiving. It is written in the style of the house that Jack built. The children like listening to it and provides a calming moment during these hectic holiday weeks.

The First Thanksgiving


Last but not least my hubby surprised me with these beautiful flowers when I got home today!

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Free Math Center with Ten Frames! Odd and Even Numbers Freebie

Hello Everyone!

Congratulations to Katie Nussbaum and Maureen O’Neill! They guessed my birthday month and won a free math center.  Thanks to everyone for participating!

Read on there are still freebies available in this post!


I have created two freebies based on my new product Odd and Even in the Barnyard.

Snip 1You can get your freebies here.Odd and Even Freebie

Your freebies look like this.SNIP 11SNIP 12

You can get a free copy of this math center!

SNIP 1Snip 2Snip 3

You can get a free copy of this math center by commenting on my face book page. Click on the link on the right side of this page to get to my Facebook page. Scroll down a bit and you will find the game post on the right side of the page.



App Went Free: A Fun Photo Video Collage App

This is a great app for personal use and for story telling with young children.  You can also add video which is really neat. It is free for a limited time. Go grab yours! Quickly!!



Pic Play Post


App Went Free: A Fun Photo Video Collage App.