Gingerbread Fun, Art, Music, and Video Fun


We have been super busy at school! We have survived the full moon without much disruption but the holiday crazies have truly taken over! I’m so glad that there is not any rain in the forecast. These Gingerbread Men are one of the fun crafts we have done in class.  I love the checker board pattern and all of the dollar store goodies they are decorated with.  I have created a giant Gingerbread house outside of my classroom. All of the first grade classes are going to decorate it tomorrow.  Our class has also enjoyed this song.


We also watched this video.  The children enjoyed this version of the Gingerbread Man.  It is a sweet retelling of the story.  The children were very calm as they watched.  It was wonderful. It may have been the quietest moments of the day. I kept thinking…we will make it…we will make it…I also had a constant loop of I Will Survive playing in my head.  I love those kiddos!! They will be back in January ready for more learning.  We teachers have to be made of tough stuff.


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