New Look Coming Soon, Happy Holidays and Kids being Kids

Hi Everyone,

I hope by now you have gotten some rest away from the classroom.  Those last couple of days were doozies….Enough said. I know you know this but we teachers contribute to the craziness all in the name of a little holiday fun. I mean school is supposed to be fun..right?? Even with all the mandates I still maintain the littles need time to be kids and they really need to see that their teachers love them as kids.  Here is some of our last day before the break.

We did Gingerbread Theme Rotations with the First Grade Level on the last day. My wonderful teacher assistant and I created this big Gingerbread House in the Hallway for the kids to decorate as our part of the rotation.

Really Big Gingerbread House

Really Big Gingerbread House

As each group came to our class, they got to color some candy to go on the house.  The next picture is after the house is full of candy. They loved it!  We also danced to Harry Kindergartens Gingerbread Man Song.

Lots of Candy

Lots of Candy

After we decorated the house and had a snack we got ready to go home.  We got ready early on this day because we had parent gifts to pack and our recess is the last 30 minutes of the day.  I know…gasp..we have adjusted but it wasn’t any fun in the beginning.

As the days have progressed our tables have gotten very dirty (oh my what you can find under a name tag-scary!!!) so it was time to break out the shaving cream.  We had a blast cleaning our tables before heading outside.  It was a great way to end a fun day. Kids being kids and having fun.  I don’t know about you but some days I just don’t want to hear about time on task and maximizing instructional time and neither so the children.  So we enjoyed every minute of this small and gross motor development task so there now.  It was fun, fun, fun!!!

Lots and Lots of Shaving Cream

Lots and Lots of Shaving Cream

NEWS!!! NEWS!!  I am getting a new blog design and making a move to a more responsive host and site.  I am so happy and I love working with my designer. I can’t wait to share it with you all. My address will still be the same so please come visit.  I’m so excited to share it with everyone.

Love you all!!! Enjoy!!




Getting Started with Whole Brain Teaching

I am so excited to use Whole Brain Teaching activities in my classroom this year. It is really a big deal to me since I am teaching a Kindergarten/First Grade combination this year. So many people are asking me if I am worried about it and I’m telling them no. I am looking at it like a great adventure.  I have been teaching for 28 years and most of that has been in kindergarten and first grade. I’m sure there will be ups and downs but I’m committed to building a classroom community and providing opportunities for learning.  Whole Brain Teaching is going to be a big part of our classroom

community. I put up these wonderful posters today in my classroom. They are perfect for me because they feature a good font (readable for kinders and first graders) and I love the Melonheadz Doodles.  I always look at the font before buying anything and I rejected several products today because of the font. Fancy fonts are hard to read and I want the children to be able to read everything in our classroom. They were created by Owl About Education.

Whole Brain Teaching Posters

I’m so looking forward to saying Classadoodle? and the children answering Yesadoodle?  I have always incorporated hand signals in my class so using the Mirror Activity looks like great fun.   I picked Whole Brain Teaching for this year because it provides structure for learning in classroom. It is repetitive and children learn to manage their learning. I am not an expert on Whole Brain Teaching. I have done a lot of reading and visited the website to learn more.   I will post a tour of my classroom this year. There will be lots of pictures! If you have any experience with Whole Brain Teaching leave a comment below and let me know how it is working for you.