Pigeon Presents Mo… on the Go! Mo Willems and the iPad

Who doesn’t love Mo Willems books? The only folks who would not love them are folks who haven’t read them yet.  You can visit Mo Willems page here. These books are written in the style of the early readers series. There are not many words on a page and the words are often repeated. Using this app you can let Pigeon Drive the Bus, you can turn a scribble into a drawing and much more. A favorite is Elephant and Piggies Dance-O-Rama.  I know my kids are going to love this app. I can’t wait to use Dance-O-Rama in my class. Children love to engage with the characters in the stories they read. But be forewarned…whatever you do stay away from the Mad Cow!

The app is Pigeon Presents Mo…On the Go!