Blog Hop The 12 Days of a Teacher’s Christmas

Welcome to the 12 Days of a Teacher's Christmas Blog Hop Stop Number 2

Welcome to the 12 Days of a Teacher’s Christmas Blog Hop Stop Number 1

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Roll and Cover Penguin Friends



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A Great 12 Days of Christmas for Teachers!!!

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Music for Commom Core Math Equal Means the Same

Common Core 1st Grade Math With Miss Jenny & Friends

Common Core 1st Grade Math With Miss Jenny & Friends

This is a fantastic album of songs from Miss Jenny and Friends focused on the Math Common Core Standards for First Grade.  The entire album is 9.99 but you can purchase individual songs for .99 from the itunes store.  I love using music in my classroom. I truly believe it help us to learn and it brings smiles to everyone’s faces!

Some of the titles are:

Count to 120, Switcheroo (Communitative Property) Using 10s, Adding Three numbers, Equal Means the Same As and A Fraction is A Whole

You can listen to a couple of the songs here.


I am an affiliate for Apple. If you choose to purchase this album the cost is the same. I will get a small percentage.  Thanks for supporting my blog.


Penguin Fun Dice Roll Freebie

I have created a fun freebie for your classroom.  My kids at school love to play dice roll games during math centers. There are two variations of this game one for my kinders and one for my first graders.  My kinders still need repetition for counting and they are continuing to learn what number means.  The first graders need to to learn how to add three addends and how to add numbers up to 20 so these games work perfectly in my classroom.  Best of all they can be played independently! Penguin Friends can be played throughout December or January.  I hope you enjoy this freebie!




You can download it here Roll and Cover Penguin Friends

I hope you enjoy this freebie. Please visit My Teachers Pay Teachers Store for a Free unit that goes with The Mitten!  I would love for you to check out my post at The Organized Classroom Blog by Charity Preston.  I guest blog there once a month.  This post is about easy to make gifts that are sure to be a big hit.  Homemade Holiday Stress Relief

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Free Math Center with Ten Frames! Odd and Even Numbers Freebie

Hello Everyone!

Congratulations to Katie Nussbaum and Maureen O’Neill! They guessed my birthday month and won a free math center.  Thanks to everyone for participating!

Read on there are still freebies available in this post!


I have created two freebies based on my new product Odd and Even in the Barnyard.

Snip 1You can get your freebies here.Odd and Even Freebie

Your freebies look like this.SNIP 11SNIP 12

You can get a free copy of this math center!

SNIP 1Snip 2Snip 3

You can get a free copy of this math center by commenting on my face book page. Click on the link on the right side of this page to get to my Facebook page. Scroll down a bit and you will find the game post on the right side of the page.



Geometric Shapes Math Center Fun Freebies

Before I share my freebies I wanted to show you all a picture I that will treasure for years to come! As I’m sure you all know we are remembering veterans and honoring their service on Veteran’s Day. This is a picture of my Daddy, Charlie Tharpe, and his brother, Conard Tharpe, at the dedication of the North Carolina Korean War Veterans Monument. My sweet Daddy is on the left. I’m just crazy about my Daddy and I am so glad he got to have this special moment with his brother. My Daddy once walked over six miles in the snow and cold to meet up with his younger brother when he heard his unit was close by. Daddy was a telegraph operator for Southern Railway and he learned International Morse Code in the army. He would intercept and relay messages to troops. His telegraph machines are in a local museum. He still can tap out code at 85 years old!  I’m so thankful for the service of all our military troops!

Korean War Veterans NC

Charlie and Conard Tharpe at the dedication of the Korean War Monument in NC.

One of my favorite units in math is Geometry. I like it because I’m a very visual person.  Some folks now say there is no such thing as a visual learner but by golly I know I can learn a lot better when I can visualize something in my head.  I love art and shapes and the relationships of images in art and math. So I love geometry. I created two freebies for you.  They are both matching games featuring 2D and 3D shapes. Here are some of my littles playing with one of the games.

Geometric Shapes Game

Geometric Shapes Game

The games are simple.  You print, cut on a paper cutter if you like and use!  My kids enjoy using matching games in centers. I encourage them to talk about the shapes and the attributes of the shapes as they are playing.

Geometric Shapes Game

K.G.1, K.G.2, 1.G.1

You can get this one here.Spider Shapes Match Up

Penguin Shapes Match Up

Penguin Shapes Match Up 2D and 3D

You can get this one here penguin shapes

K.G.1, K.G.4, 1.G.1

I hope you enjoy these freebies.  Have a great week.


Classroom Freebies

Trick or Treat Counting to 100 by Tens and Sums to 10


The children fill in the number that creates a number sentence with the sum of 10. Color, cut and glue together on paper to make the picture.  You will need to check the student’s work or you can let the children work together to get the missing addends.  I have used this as a paired activity. The pair then colors the picture together and they both sign their names.  The other twist is to let the children exchange a couple of pieces after coloring. This makes for creative combinations when the pieces are glued down.


The children color, cut and glue together on a paper. This is a self checking activity. The picture will look like the one above if the numbers are in the correct order.

Lesson Design @sarahtharpewinchell2013   graphics by

You can get the file by clicking below.

Trick or Treat Math

We have enjoyed this song from the Learning Station!  I will show some photos of the brew we created in class soon!

Click on this picture to grab some more freebies from I proud to be part of this amazing group! Sarah

Click on this picture to grab some more freebies from
I proud to be part of this amazing group!

Happy Halloween!


Teachers Treating Teachers and Data Collection Math Freebie

Contest Amazon or Target Teachers

Teachers Treating Teachers Enter for your choice of a $50 gift card for Amazon or $50 gift card for Target!


Enter Teachers Treating Teachers by clicking on the Rafflecopter Link below. Good Luck! Giveaway opens at midnight on 9/26/13.

from Bex at The Reading and Writing Redhead & from Sarah at Teaching Resources for the Classroom.

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Your freebie this week is a selection of my Spin, Tally and Graph Amazing Math Centers. These are differentiated for learners from Kindergarten to Second Grade.   There are three graphs in this package.  You receive six with the differentiation.

Spin, Graph and Tally Data Collection Math Center

Spin, Graph and Tally Data Collection Math Center

Grab your copy here. Click the link below.

Spin, Graph, and Tally

We have had a week of assessing in my class this week. I don’t think we would have made it without some Brain Breaks from The Learning Station! The children love this one. Stomp and Clap by The Learning Station.

I hope you enter the giveaway and share it with friends! Bex and I are happy to be Treating Teachers!

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