2 Great Free Apps for Teaching Reading

I hope you will enjoy learning about these apps and using them in your classroom! I love, love Endless Reader by Orginator. This app is free but you can purchase more word packs if you want to extend it. I purchased the Reader Pack 1 because I wanted more words. There are six words in the free version but this app explores each word through spelling, word meaning and sentences. The words are animated after the letters are dragged into place. The app also reads the sentences. Words can be dragged into the sentences. The little characters are irresistible.

These are screen shots I took using my iphone. The app works on iphones and ipads.

You can get Endless Reader here.

Another app I really like is Little Speller by Grasshopper Apps. This app is very versatile and allows you a lot of control of the words that the children can work with. This app is also available for the iphone and ipad.

As you can see from the screen shots I’m sharing with you there are a lot of variations to choose from. You can really concentrate on the sounds you think the children need.

This app features great images for words. The letters are out of order but the correct spelling is under the images so even your most hesitant spellers and readers can feel confident with this app. The app says the letters and then reads the word after the letters are in place.
You can get Little Speller here.I hope you can use one of these apps or both in your classroom. I always teach the apps before letting the kids do them without supervision. Sometimes I teach them as part of my guided reading lesson and other times I work with a group during a Daily Five Rotation. I am teaching both Kinders and First Graders this year and my smart Firsties are great teachers so they often get the first lesson on a new app!
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Grab this winter freebie this if you like! Penguin Fun Dice Roll and Cover Game.

Directed Drawings of the Mayflower and a New Book

We had a great time today drawing the Mayflower. We drew the Mayflower together as a directed activity. We also labelled parts of the ship since we are talking about non-fiction text features. Here are some drawings from the kinders and the first graders.





I have found a new book that I absolutely love. It is a sweet story about the first Thanksgiving. It is written in the style of the house that Jack built. The children like listening to it and provides a calming moment during these hectic holiday weeks.

The First Thanksgiving


Last but not least my hubby surprised me with these beautiful flowers when I got home today!

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Visual Imagery Creating A Better Reader

5 Ways to Create a Better Reader: If you missed previous posts about reading strategies. Please scroll down to read them. You can learn about building reading confidence, purpose for reading and Circle It to Show You Know It. A strategy I use in my classroom

Visual Imagery Can Take You Places No Chair Can!

Visual Imagery Can Take You Places No Chair Can!

Strategy 4~ Visual Imagery

Who doesn’t like a trip? New places to see. New places to go and new places to remember.  Visual imagery while reading is escaping into another world.  Good readers use imagery on their own. Many readers need help developing this skill.  As I read through a book with a group I try to supply some visual images for the text.  I show the children how they can develop images in their mind. I tell them it is like painting a picture. I do this is a whole group setting before we use the strategy in small guided reading groups. Then I challenge the children to shoulder share an image after I have read a page.  This is a great opportunity for the teacher to be very dramatic.  You can swoon, fall over and use facial expressions.  All teachers are theater majors at heart! Encourage the children to dramatize the book as well. It is a great starting pointing for Reader’s Theatre. Reading Rockets has an excellent lesson for using Visual Imagery in the classroom.  Release the drama king or queen inside you and have fun reading.

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