Teachers Treating Teachers and Data Collection Math Freebie

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from Bex at The Reading and Writing Redhead & from Sarah at Teaching Resources for the Classroom.

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Your freebie this week is a selection of my Spin, Tally and Graph Amazing Math Centers. These are differentiated for learners from Kindergarten to Second Grade.   There are three graphs in this package.  You receive six with the differentiation.

Spin, Graph and Tally Data Collection Math Center

Spin, Graph and Tally Data Collection Math Center

Grab your copy here. Click the link below.

Spin, Graph, and Tally

We have had a week of assessing in my class this week. I don’t think we would have made it without some Brain Breaks from The Learning Station! The children love this one. Stomp and Clap by The Learning Station.

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Chrysanthemum, Math Manipulatives and Target Gift Card

It has been a very busy week in my Kindergarten/First Grade Classroom.  We have been in school for 9 days! The class is learning routines and getting settled in. Of course we are still working on names.  We had two major focuses for the week.  We used the book Chrysanthemum to learn about the importance of names and how words can hurt someone’s feelings. We also used a lot of math manipulatives this week. I love manipulatives and the kids use them everyday in one way or another.

Chrysanthemum and Math Manipulatives

This week we counted a lot. The kindergarteners and first graders both worked on making sets of ten with manipulatives. This is a great multi-level activity and can easily be differentiated.  The first graders talked about tens and ones and the kindergartener worked on one-to-one correspondence when counting.  Some of the kindergarteners got into the tens and ones counting also. I worked with students in small groups that needed more direct instruction and practice.  The first graders also started a self-made book with representations of teen numbers. The children enjoy making these math books and we will keep them for their Math Resources File.


I am totally psyched about the newsprint writing pads I got for my classroom before school started. We used them for the first time this week and I am looking forward to using them for Working on Words in our Daily Five Time and other things related to literacy. The children used Mr. Sketch Markers to write with. They are a long time favorite of mine. We use them on our Morning Message. The children use labels for “Boo Boo Tape” if they want to make a correction.

Letter writingI have done a lot of activities with the kindergarteners and first graders working together. The first graders are providing great leadership and the kindergarteners enjoy having a special friend to work with.  We are working on completing a mystery picture together in math. This picture will take us about two weeks. We spend about 10 minutes of our math time working on it. It meets a lot of common core standards.

Mystery picture

I created a Sunflower Photo Frame for pictures. It is easy to make and the photos look great! Here’s the Freebie for you. The post is at The Organized Classroom Blog you can read it by clicking here.


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Kindergarten and First Grade The First Week

I know I’m not the only one who is exhausted the first week the students are back in class! It is a given for teachers.  We put so much of ourselves into getting the classroom ready, planning and other school things. You think we would prepare ourselves better…eat more wheaties or whatever it takes to get through the first week without feeling like a limp french fry.  I’m an “On” kinda of person. You would never know I was tired in front of the kids. I dance, sing, make faces what ever it takes to keep them interested and focused. I’m only falling asleep on the couch when I get home.

I have been trying to find my footing in my class of kinders and first graders.  If you haven’t experienced it for yourself you would not believe the amazing amount of growth that children make from the first day of kindergarten to the beginning of first grade. It is incredible. When I moved up to first grade I thought I had moved to independence heaven. I mean really it was awesome!!! So it has been a shock as it always is when we start at the beginning again.  This year has been interesting in its own way. I have to keep reminding myself that for half of my littles it is their first rodeo so to speak.

As always I love the sweet spirit of those little kinders.  It seemed that today was the first day I was able to relax and enjoy the kinders. I also love the enthusiasm of the first graders.  We did a shared learning activity and the kinders and the first graders worked together. The first graders were wonderful teachers and the kindergarteners surprised me with their ability to cooperate with a learning partner.  Today I could see that I’m a lucky teacher this year. I’m sure we will have some bumps in the road but overall the year looks bright.  I can’t wait to see how much each group learns.


Word Sorts Freebies and The Organized Classroom Blog

I am super excited to announce that I was chosen to do a monthly post on Charity Preston’s  Organized Classroom Blog. This is a wonderful opportunity! I’m planning something special so please be sure to check it out.

I’m busy trying to get the last minute touches on my classroom and my plans for the first day tomorrow. I know all of you all understand and the Mister just left to go work on his classroom! Gotta get cracking… I am teaching a Kindergarten/First Grade multi-age room this year so I have lots to do.  I met my little darlings last week and it looks like we are all set for a great year.  You can read my post about Open House here.

Photo Frame

I am creating a photo frame for photos of my children at school. I will be posting directions and more photos soon. This sunflower frame can be used throughout the fall for great photos.

I put together two quick freebies for you.  They are both word sorts. One is for nouns and verbs and the other is for number and color words.  Just click on the blue link and download them! Word Sorts

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Sharing Maybe?? with the Cookie Monster

As children little and big head back to school their teachers are thinking about how to keep classrooms running smoothly.  Classes develop their own personalities over time and some work together better than others.  Regardless of whether a class “gels” or not teaching still has to go on. I have never been one to give up and I believe that teachers can get most classes to work together.  Wise teachers will not give up because after all it is our on sanity we are saving.

One area I work on is sharing materials.  Squabbles over materials can disrupt the most well planned activities.  All children benefit from practicing the skills needed to share materials.  If teachers model the skill set the teacher would like to see in the classroom students can be held accountable for the performing the skills. We often forget that many children need very specific directions for sharing and it doesn’t come naturally. I have stopped lessons and gone over my expectations for sharing materials many times. Sometimes we all just need to stop and regroup.  Classrooms can create anchor charts, role play, write an instructional brochure or make a commercial using an ipad or digital camera about sharing in the classroom.  If teachers don’t give up neither will students.  Students often become the best teachers for other children.

Take a peek at Cookie Monster singing to Share it Maybe.  This is a great video and would be a perfect inspiration for a class. Plus it will make everyone smile.

What strategies do you use for sharing in your class?

Free Numbers in Base Ten Math Poke it Game


This is a sample from my Practice in Base Ten with the Base Ten Kids Unit. You can download the sample game by clicking on the link here. POKE IT GAME

The full unit is 65 Pages long with many games, centers and worksheets. It is a 4 Star Unit. You can see the unit here on TPT.


My Happy Kids School Banner can be found on TPT. It features children from many cultures.  This banner will bring smiles to the faces of the children you teach!



Numbers in Base Ten with the Base Ten Kids Unit

Tens and Ones Matching Game

Hi Everyone! Thanks for stopping by.  I’m so excited to be a guest blogger on Charity Preston’s The Organized Classroom Blog.  My first post of twelve goes live on September 4th. It is an idea for your Back to School Night or you could use it anytime as a gift for parents. Please check it out!

This is part of my new unit for learning about Numbers and operations in Base Ten. This is a great back to school unit for second grade and a great start for first graders and kindergarteners that need practice with this skill.  This is a matching game the children can play that uses expanded form, base ten blocks and numbers.  The unit is Practice in Base Ten with the Base Ten Kids.  You can find the unit on Teachers Pay Teachers.  You can download a freebie at the Teachers Pay Teachers listing. There are 65 pages of activities for the common core standard for Numbers and Operations in Base Ten.  There is an I have, Who has game with tens and ones using addition and subtraction in part of the unit.  There are several center activities that can be used as finishers once the children understand how to play them.

Ten Frames for Matching NumbersOne of the centers is matching ten frames and ones with a number.  A great way to play this game is to place magnetic tape on the back of the cards and let the children use cookie trays from a dollar store.

Poke It Game and Dice Game

There are cards for a Poke It Game and for a Dice Roll Game.  Many of the centers can become independent work stations and finishers once the children know how to play them.

Math Task Cards and Thinking SheetsThere are math task cards and thinking sheets so students can write and draw how they solved a math problem.  There are a lot of worksheets as well in this unit so you can be sure you are getting a lot of bang for your buck!  I have used variations of this unit in my classroom.  I made this new unit with graphics that will appeal to boys and girls.  The activities are challenging and I have provided from differentiation in this unit.  You can use this unit throughout the school year. I can’t wait to share this unit with my children at school. I’m sure they are going to love it.  There is sample download with the unit so you can get one activity free! I have also created Giant Base Ten Blocks for you to Print, Cut , Laminate and use in your classroom. A big name company is selling something similar for 25.00 you can print yours free and place magnetic tape on the back on them!

I hopFREE BASE TENe Practice in Base Ten with the Base Ten Kids will be part of your Back to School planning!  Please take time to follow my blog. I am having a big contest with a $50.00 gift card soon.  Thanks for visiting from Classroom Freebies this week!

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